Package cvm.ucm.repository

Interface Summary
Sources Interface to Source loaders

Class Summary
MacroLoader The MacroLoader class retrieves, from a given Source (a Database, a File System, etc), the information necessary and creates a Macro.
MSAccessConnection This class deal with the stablishing of a connection with a Microsoft Access Database
MySQLConnection This class deals with stablishing a connection with a MySQL database.
Rep_Default_Properties This class stores the default values for the system properties
Rep_Properties This class stores the parameters required to create any type of repository.
RepositoryType This class holds the definition of the different repository types.
SourceDBLoader This class retrieves a Macro from a database given a function name.
SourceFileSysLoader This class retrieves a Macro from a file system given a function name.
UCM_R_Facade Fašade class that provides an interface into the UCM_Repository subsystem.