Package cvm.ucm.interpreter

Interface Summary
Command Command Interface This is the command interface as in the Command Design Patern from GoF.

Class Summary
EnvVariable This class is used to hold the 'enviroment variables' needed by the macro to execute.
MacroCommand Command Encapsulation for Macro execution.
MacroInterpreter MacroInterpreter encapsulates the creation of a script evaluator object which will be executed using Janino inside the MacroCommand execute.
MacroNode MacroNode class This class encapsulates all the data needed for the execution of the ScriptEvaluator object.
Parser This class parses the control scripts that are passed down from the Synthesis Engine and puts them in a data structure that is easier to handle and understand.
Script Data structure that holds a control script in memory.
UCM_I_Facade Fašade class that provides an interface into the UCM_Interpreter subsystem.
UCM_Interepreter_Mk This is the microkernel as in the architecture pattern.
UCM_Interpreter_Adapter Adapter class as in the microkernel architecture pattern.