Package cvm.uci.ui.gui.creator

Class Summary
ApplicationComposite This is the main communication composite.
ChatComposite This class creates the ChatComposite, this is where all the chat will be displayed.
CVMShell This class is the main controller of all the GUIs inside CVM.
DashBoard This class creates the place holder for the main GIU.
DnDCellComposite This class creates cell composites.
DnDMemberCellComposite This class creates a cell composite.
FilesComposite This class create the FileComposite which is used to display the files currently available in the session.
FormMediatorShell This class creates the shell used to display the Forms as well as create and delete existing Forms.
FormsComposite This class creates the FormComposite which displays all the forms currently available to the users in the current session.
FormShell The FormShell is used by the FormComposite.
GenericFormComposite The GenericFormComposite is used by the FormShell Date: February 03, 2010
GenericTableComposite The Generic Table Composite is used by GenericFormComposite and FormShell Date: February 03, 2010
HideComposite This class is used to represent the compressed view of the CVM GUI.
LoginGUI This class is used to create the Composite for Login.
MembersTableComposite This class creates the composite for displaying the members of the current communication.
MyAppsComposite This class creates the application list composite.
MyDocsComposite This class handles the creation of the MyDocuments pane in the dash board.
MyFormsComposite This class creates the MyForms composite.
ProfileComposite This class creates a composite containing the controls to allow the user to change their profile.
ProfileEditorShell This class generates the windows used to change the profile of a user.
SidePanelShell SidePanelShell is the shell that contains the communication interface.
VideoComposite This class creates a video composite for displaying video communication for a single user/camera.
VideoTableComposite This class creates the composite where the video communication is displayed.

Enum Summary