Package cvm.model.handlers.schema.control

Class Summary
ConnectionDevCaps This defines the device capabilities.
ConnectionDevCapsConverter Converter for the ConnectionDevCaps for parsing and writing.
ConnectionDevice Connection device information.
ConnectionFormType FormType representation.
ConnectionFormTypeNameRef Object representation of the formTypeNameRef in the schema.
ConnectionFormTypeNameRefConverter Converter used during serialization and deserialization by XStream
ConnectionIsAttachedType Object representation of isAttached
ConnectionMediumDataTypes Data Represnetation of mediumDataTypes.
ConnectionMediumDataTypesConverter This class is a basic converter for the ConnectionMediumDataTypes
ConnectionMediumNameTypeRefConverter Converter for the ConnectionDevCaps for parsing and writing.
ConnectionMediumType Object representation of the mediumType
ConnectionMediumTypeRef Object representation of mediumTypeRef
ConnectionObject Connection information of the control schema.
ConnectionPersonType Data represnetation of the personType
ControlSchema This is an object represnetation of the control schema this is used instead of the text veriosn of the schema.